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Shree Corporate Investmart

Welcome to SCI

As one of the world's premier advisory businesses, SHREE CORPORATE INVESTMART provides clients with expert advice, innovative solutions, outstanding execution and comprehensive access to the global markets Forex.

Whether our clients require Investment Banking, Corporate Advisory, International Trade Finance, Forex advisory or Currency Risk Management, we have the global strength and industry experience to meet their needs. Every day, we use our intelligence, market insight and global coverage to help them to capture opportunities and manage risk.

After all, every piece of advice we give, every decision we help you to take, every idea or product we implement at your end, is targeted at achieving 100% optimality - both cost mineralization as well as revenue maximization. Whether it's procuring finances, managing risks, fine tuning your requirements or seeing a transaction through, we believe in adding value at every stage. And it is this conviction that takes us under client's skin to give him a 'complete solution' that is not only need based and innovative but also relevant, executable, profitable and safe.